Genius Ways to Decorate with DIY Shelves


Put together several crates like a jigsaw puzzle and you will end up with plenty of storage space. It’s easy, practical, and definitely creative. Not to mention you can arrange and organize your stuff any way you like, making the crates look more like a creatively made piece of furniture in your home.



This creative shelf is actually made up of a pair of old crutches. Upcycling is the idea of DIYs, and this versatile shelf is one good example of that. The great thing about this shelf is it’s movable. It’s not affixed to the wall, meaning, you can place and position it anywhere you want in your home.



Much like the circles and the triangles, hexagonal shelves provide a decorative element to your wall. Again, it doesn’t take much space, and can be placed close together any way you like. They can be on top of each other, joined on the side, etc.