How To – DIY Circle Wood Shelf


I’ve had my eyes on the round dorm shelf from Ferm Living for quite some time and have seen more and more circular wall shelves popping up again and again in stylish spaces I drool over. The price tags on most of these gorgeous shelves is hefty and way out of our budget, so I took the liberty of creating a budget-friendly version that retained the modern minimal look of the originals without breaking the bank.




One of the most challenging problems was where to find large circular wood pieces that didn’t require a carpenter’s know-how of bending wood. When I can’t think up a solution (or Google a solution) to a DIY problem, I’ll just go to a local craft or home improvement store and wander the aisles until a material stands out. This is the approach I took with the round wood circle and I found my answer in the quilting aisle… 23″ round quilting hoops.


I couldn’t use the outside hoop that screwed together since the wood wasn’t connected, so I had to rely on the inside hoop that was already a full circle. I picked through the eight hoops they had in-store and picked out three that had similarly-colored wood and lined up evenly.